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The BI OctoPus™ helps you quickly answer questions you have about your business. Questions that are critical to the health of your organization. How many questions are you asking or being asked? 100? More? 1,000? Probably even more.

We found a common theme to the questions posed by Executives and Boards ...

- Which Products contribute the most to our Profit?
- How do I become more Profitable?
- Why is that Division the most Profitable?
- Which Plants Produce at the lowest cost?
- How can we improve Productivity?
- Which Parts of the world are the most Profitable?
- Who in the Sales staff is most Productive?
- Which of my Business Partners are critical to our success?
- How did our Purchasing decisions affect the bottom-line?
- What could we do to improve our Physical Distribution?
- What Pollution penalties are we facing?
- Which Projects had the best return?
- Have our total Personnel costs been decreasing?
- Which Priorities should we Pursue first?
- How did we manage our business before we met BI Solutions?
- What if our competitor implements the BI OctoPus™ before we do?

We call the common theme the 15 P's™ ... and here they are:

Profitability, Products, Business Partners, Plants, Production, Promotions, Place of Sale, Physical Distribution, Part of the World, Purchasing, Producers, Priorities, Productivity, Projects, Personnel, Pollution, Perfection, Periods of Time

The 15 P's exist in almost every enterprise, whether big or small, in one country or multi-national. Even Non-Profit organizations have these elements! By structuring the data/information in your company's Data Mountain with these 15 P's we can help you make your business more successful and Profitable. We can do this regardless of the type and quality of your current IT systems.

Whenever you ask one of the questions listed above, its answer is linked to several of the 15 P's. That's why after 20 years of using spreadsheets, companies still do not have the answers to these critical questions.

Our Phased approach to implementing the BI OctoPus allows your company to increase Profits during the implementation. We start with the most critical questions (P's) and then expand in future phases. When all 15 P's are implemented, you have intelligence about your entire company.

Many existing uses of Business Intelligence systems are in a single functional area, like marketing, finance or purchasing. The 15 P's make the BI OctoPus different contains data/information about your entire company and very quickly retrieves, processes, and provides you a multi-dimensional view of the company. It answers the key questions about your business in minutes or even seconds!

Maybe it's time to contact us ... before your competitors do!