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BISolutions is a System Integration and Management Consulting company specializing in Business Intelligence Solutions and the sole provider of the
BI OctoPus™.

We give you the tools you'll need to:

  • mine the gold from your mountain of data,
  • transform your data into knowledge,
  • turn knowledge into intelligence, and
  • use business intelligence to make decisions

which lead your company to its goal ... Profit.

After 50 years of data processing and information technology evolution, the newest information technologies can now help Executives deal with their growing data mountains. BISolutions facilitates this process by presenting, selecting, integrating, and implementing these technologies.

Using our business experience, we help develop what key decision makers need: easy to use integrated systems and actionable information for business-critical decisions.

BI Solutions Kft. was recently founded by Ron Nawrocki. During Mr. Nawrocki's role as a Finance Executive and Board member of blue-chip companies in Poland and Hungary, he learned about and implemented new Information Technology which significantly enhanced his ability to manage the businesses. Based on this experience, he established the first European operation of BISolutions in Budapest, Hungary in 2002. The focus of BISolutions is to capitalize on this new Business Intelligence technology to dramatically increase the speed and effectiveness of Executives and key knowledge workers. Expansion plans include Poland in 2002, and in future years to other parts of Central and Western Europe.

The company acts as a Management Consultant to CEO's, CFO's and CRO's to help identify and fill their most pressing Business Intelligence voids.

In our events we present Business Intelligence, our BI OctoPus™ and demonstrate the difference from other systems. In a friendly environment with a high-spirited audience we ensure you understand the benefits of Business Intelligence solutions and how they are revolutionizing decision making.

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