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BI Solutions designs and implements the BI OctoPus™.

Like a live octopus:
- It eats - data from your existing transaction systems
- It digests - transforming data into knowledge and intelligence, which let this flexible processor grow and make your company (and you) more effective, Profitable, and successful.

To take full advantage of this new Business Intelligence technology we developed a framework we simply call the 15 P’s™ which allows any company’s data and information to be transformed and processed by the BI OctoPus™.

BI Solutions offers a complete system from data management to analysis and reporting. Like Lotus 1-2-3 20 years ago, the BI OctoPus™ will revolutionize how analyses are done in your business.

Every action you take depends on the right decision. Without knowledge you cannot manage a business, without intelligence you are not able to react to the challenges of this changing world.