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Vállalati Pénzügyek
2003. június 6.

A számítógépes "üzleti intelligencia" Magyarországon

Dr. Czímer József

A számítógépes szakemberek az 1990-es évek közepétől néhány olyan fokozottan felhasználóbarát technológiát dolgoztak ki, amelyek nagyon jelentősen megkőnyítették a vállalatvezetők dolgát.

Getting Connected 2003-4 @ Home in Budapest

IT does work wonders

by Tamás S Kiss

Integrated business solutions are vital in the day-to-day running of any business in Hungary, whether it be a small to medium sizes enterprise or a large multi-national firm.

BCCH Business News
December, 2002

Intelligent business answers - BI Solutions

By Tamás S. Kiss

"Aaah, there's nothing like the pleasure of finding intelligent solutions for business..."

BCCH Magazine
July, 2002

Save this company: Mission impossible?

You are called to a special interview which offers you a chance at a top-level executive position...

Napi Gazdaság
2002. június 5.

Lengyel vállalkozó magyarországi cége

Girnt József

Ott kezdik, ahol az SAP befejezi

Budapest Business Journal
25th Feb 2002

Intelligence Test

by Mr. Robert Smyth

Former Pepsi CFO goes solo offering business solutions

BCCH Magazine

The Ambassador's Tea

by Ember Ward

In April, new members of the Chamber met with Britain Ambassador to Hungary, Nigel Thorpe for the second Tea with the Ambassador.

Monday, March 3, 2003

Looking for Intelligence in Ice Cream

Companies have mastered collecting information, but not what to do with it.

Hirek - infoBYTE
February 1, 2002

Program felsővezetőknek

Magyarországon is megnyitotta irodáját a Productivity Partners

CFO Europe
March, 2002

Cover Story: East is East

Many foreign investors in central and eastern Europe are sorely disappointed with their...
September 28, 2001

Finance Execs Need Overseas Experience

Cross-border assignments crucial to career advancement.


AmCham Business Hungary
December 2001

Forum for Young Professionals

Topic: Business Intelligence Systems (BIS)

Central Europe Review
May 7, 2001

Privatisation for Whom?

The collapse of Communism brought an end to Czechoslovakia's "splendid isolation."


The Warsaw Voice
December 19, 1999

Sensitive and Generous

United Way Poland certainly enjoys great popularity...

The Warsaw Voice
March 17, 1996

Wedel: Changes Big or Small?

Ronald M. Nawrocki, director of financial operations at E. Wedel SA...