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BCCH Magazine
July, 2002

Save this company: Mission impossible?

You are called to a special interview which offers you a chance at a top-level executive position. Foodmart Corp is a US-based grocery product distributor who has recently sacked its entire management team. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to appear in front of the Board of Directors and give a presentation on specific strategies that will allow Foodmart to move into the next phase of profitable growth. And you have an hour to prepare.

Could you do it? If you were at the BI Solutions seminar on Tuesday, June 25 you most certainly could, thanks to the innovative software called BI Octopus™.

BI Solutions, a new member of the BCCH, hosted the seminar and followup cocktails to give a presentation of its Business Intelligence (BI) software solutions for executives.

Founded by Managing Director Ron Nawrocki (to the left in white) in 2001, BI Solutions is a systems integration and management consulting company. They are the sole distributor of BI Octopus™, a sophisticated business management tool which compiles information and presents it in an easy to use and, even more importantly, easy to analyze format. The program is integrated with Microsoft Excel so the interface feels familiar to most right away.

Nawrocki's years of experience as a finance executive and board member at blue-chip companies in Poland and Hungary gave him the incentive to seek an answer to one of the most often asked questions: "What is really going on inside my company?"

BI Octopus™ allows you to manipulate and then evaluate the stats and data from all aspects of your business, providing you with the basis to make the correct decisions to lead your company to profitability.

The seminar gave all participants a chance to try the software for themselves and then use it to substantiate their own proposals to the Foodmart Corp. BOD. Those who missed out this time can still take advantage of this unique opportunity by contacting Nawrocki on 36-1 319-1109 or by email to:

The Chamber would like to thank Sydney Apartment Hotel (1133 Budapest. Hegedűs Gyula u. 52-54) for the use of their fine facilities.

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